New stuff in progress 

Hey bloggians and fellow squidlings. Just wanted to give an update on why there haven’t been posts recently. I am currently building a new website for my artwork so that I can become more legit and hopefully continue the never ending process of getting my name out there. I want to thank you all for following me up to this point and I will continue to hopefully write something worth reading while working on my other creative side. As that beast seems to be untameable. I’ll be posting a few sketches and prints I’ve been working on shortly. Continue reading New stuff in progress 

Polar Age

By Cam: maimed squid When I was younger, I was taught about a world that felt older. One that was filled with hate and prejudice. Wars had been fought, bills had been passed. And finally no one cared what color of skin was in class. When I was younger, The resolution was comforting, I thought the world was strengthening. I didn’t understand a smoke screen. Tunnel vision of what I wanted to be seen. Blinders are often blinding. Now that I’m older, I am taught about a world that is now, Nazi’s and white supremacy is on the prowl. With … Continue reading Polar Age

Hot Air Balloon

By: Cam (NSFW_Squid) Voodoo woman, magic overwhelming… Copulating thunder storm, rending, twisting. The sheets pulling, your face glowing. Love resides in the depth of our eyes. Stop, slow. never let go. let go. Helium lifts the balloon to the ceiling. Don’t ever lose this feeling. Twirling, through the grasp of your octopus hair. The mist of the monster’s lair. Tentacles glued to my face and hands. As the thin layer expands. The amorous pin pricks the band. Can you smell the affection? The oxygen is lessened. Our bodies glistened. The balloon pops, shudders, and stops. As we sink gently to the … Continue reading Hot Air Balloon

Assembly not Included

By: Cam (The unwinding squid) Programmed and unified, underdeveloped, uneducated, assembly line. Minimum wage, keeps production amplified, Mindless and numb, we divide. Singularity, a stress induced polarity. While the anxiety stays, Everyone waits to be paid. We fight and jostle, for the right to hustle. As the bills pile up, The rich become corrupt. The food scarce, as this tale is no farce. A commonality among those in the rat race Mass consumption, can you keep up the pace? Starvation, and used clothes, dirty bed sheets, with little horse meat to eat. A fabrication for those ignorant to the streets. Please … Continue reading Assembly not Included