Come Home

By: Cam the Squid (Head-case Squid) I’ll do what I want, Let freedom reign, Buy a gun, and go insane. Prescription pills cure all your pain. There’s a pull, that makes my heart feign Wondering if love will come back home. Wondering what type of situation will be born. Lost in this city and feeling sublime. I’ll do what you want, Your love stitches us together. World can’t you understand what my heart desires. Cut me down, but let us grow into a synthetic flower. There’s a connection that cements our future. One can only believe in your sacred culture, … Continue reading Come Home

A Song for David Bowie

By: Cam the Squid (Life on Squid Planet) I see you out there, high above the cloudless sky Above the stars, and cosmic dust. A home where no one else has roamed. I wish I knew how far you went to get there. Traveling the asteroid belt, does anyone really care? How fast, and whats the distance? Where would mankind be without your assistance. Your trajectory, historical legacy. I hope you met Zimmerman, a side that no one sees. Playing a record of Woody Guthrie. My dear friend David Bowie. While the cheap guitars, and record needles hum, Why can’t … Continue reading A Song for David Bowie