My Chelsea Hotel

The snow falls, gentle and slow. All through the night, a car in danger from the blinding white, Pulled off the icy road, the air is fucking cold. We walk hand in hand, and rented a room from a kid impersonating a man. “We’ll have a hotel room with one large bed,” She said. With the music turned on, we danced and wrestle through the song. Laughing while our clothes were falling. Few whiskey shots down, two by two. A passionate kiss leads to being one with you. At least for a short time that night, heaven existed within me. I … Continue reading My Chelsea Hotel

Locked Door

Poem by Cam: The Almighty Squid Catastrophic silence, the feel of claustrophobia Weighs heavy on my heart. A once loud and beating drum of excitement, Lost from your continued quite. I used to wake up with the knowledge of your light, its been taken away from me because of some unknown sight. The broken glass of my dreams lay in front of me. A gnarly twisting nether of a demonic tree. Hopeless forever, as you no longer speak to me. You’ll never understand that you are the key. to the locked door of happiness that is buried deep inside me. I … Continue reading Locked Door

Forever for You

A Sappy Love poem by Cam the Squid. Just as the wild wind comes and takes me for a spin Opened up the thrill of life, pours deep inside my skin Cut me down, as I think about your touch Ever wondering where it is that I lost your trust. Love has a cruel way of introducing you to fate. Yes, for me I need you by my side to truly feel alive. Nevermore my heart beats with the will to survive. I wish to have your touch, images of you running through my head. Lusting for your kiss, can make … Continue reading Forever for You

Meanderings of a Fool

Poem by Cam Suspicious anxiety swells through the mind, A great storm rolling in on dark raging clouds. Swirling through the great Mountain tops, One must be weary, when opening the heart. A state of vulnerability, with all its insecurities. Though courageous, and bold, We walk towards a great unknown. Wishing that we are not alone, Hoping to have your hand to hold, Is the only acceptable way to weather a storm. The excitement of hearing her voice, or the dark swarming shade of losing ones choice. Makes a man feel, perhaps that’s why we enlist to fight for a never ending battle … Continue reading Meanderings of a Fool

The Rhyme of The Sands of Time

Poem by: Cam (the squid) Joyful scrutiny awaits thy sleeping head, Ol’ passerby of the sands of time. Once where you began, you will return in the end. A prophetic tale of the wise. Among the roads, a foot one in front of the other. Thy climb is longer when staggering, But beauty always rests ahead of the wanderer. If only thy will be sacrificed in an offering. To the muse of wanderlust, who often is laughing. With each step comes a great learning. Though, all great things must be arduous, It is worth it in the end, if thy … Continue reading The Rhyme of The Sands of Time

Snow Queen

Poem written by: Cam Tonight, I can see your breath going out into the darkness. The taste so sweet, the rhythm so soft, Your eyes resting shut, your words ring out towards the light. The silence is never enough. Sleeping beauty. still in her black hoodie. The bags under her dark eyes, a tired mother rises, No make up on, where does she pull the strength to carry on? “Hoods up, safety first” her only song. Perhaps that’s the only way she gets along. That haunting widows peak from my dreams, like a freshly picked rose with jagged thorns. Her soft … Continue reading Snow Queen

My Never Mind

Written by Cam (Squid One) Felonious, momentous, forgetfulness, blasted ravenous thought, Never mind the mind’s rot. Cut from the same sheet of blank white paper, I wonder could you only remember. That twisting nether, the repressing hierarchy, Dipped in the mud of creation and controversy. Your never mind, bold beautiful unrepentant spine. That which can’t ever be mine, but I don’t ever mind. Cats got my tongue, like the cigarette that poisons your lung. I wonder if I put the rope around my neck could it ever be hung? My never mind brings stone disciples to my ministry. callous and … Continue reading My Never Mind

My Demon Roots

Poem by: Cam, the squid Bombarding roots from a poisonous weed unleashed through the wood floor, twisting, entangling, and trembling around my ankles. They tighten, cut the circulation, thorns stab, bloody my feet. The roots dug deep, they stop, they keep. Wondering if I meant anything to you, nothing. Weep. Once again I’m staring back up the mountain, Steep. Continue reading My Demon Roots

Thank You

A poem by: Cam (the Squid) Thanks for one more time, one more lie, One more waste of a rhyme. Thanks for fucking with my mind. Your eyes light up the moon, like a bloodsucker waiting to feed. Its prey, a helpless boy awaiting death soon You, stabbing in the back while watching him bleed. You snicker like a predator, with your talons stained Licking your lips a killer you became. “Never to late change.” A lonely prayer from the martyr, The only boy who refused to believe in your horror. Your wings dark as a raven, Edgar Allan Poe … Continue reading Thank You