My Babies Gone Blues

2 a.m. Alarming phone call. Its happening, Come to the hospital. Sitting outside, Confusion inside. Hand on the door, You’re not allowed in. A woman’s scream, My beautiful daughter has been born. Two people, no where and everywhere Took her home, A gift from love’s kiss. The hole in my heart can’t be filled, A pain so large, I can’t condone. As I watch my daughter grow, From a far away window. Continue reading My Babies Gone Blues


Vampyre, Vampyre, The darkness of his bite. What will become of those already dead? Life would be different if he could stop seeing red. The lust for blood, the rush for flesh, one thing is alive, soon to be skinned Can you feel it all going to thy head. Sundown, Orange sky, Sundown, red, Sundown, dark with the moon above thy head. Vampyre, Vampyre, awaken from your rest, The devil inside begins to lust, Yellow eyes raging, as the lungs brush off the dust. Dark inside the tomb, where he rests, Wondering what victim awaits in his sleeping slumber of … Continue reading Vampyre

Concrete War

Is war the last possible creative act? The proprietors of banks looking for gain against the weak and poor. The building up of disagreement to the point of anger and rage, Until feelings are no more, their importance goes up in flame. Fire from buildings, smoke for clouds, and blood like water. Evil? or possibly jazz music from Satan’s mouth. The night looks darkest in the light, as the body toll raises from each day and night. Music from the marching drones, the bombardment of homes, and the destruction of souls. Fight, fight, fight, until the battle is won, The … Continue reading Concrete War

Hopeless Romantic

By: Cam There are moments in time, that I feel this DARK world would rather have the appearance of love. Then the actual SWELLING of the heart, the mind BENDING mood, The LOSS of breath, the dance of courtship, Love. God! I hope I’m WRONG. I can’t believe in a world that only cherishes the APPEARANCE of love, instead of the real melodic bliss of it. But the nights grow darker, and the wars continue to RAGE. The hate begins to bubble like a BOILING pot over an unstoppable flame. I might ask a QUERY? Instead of all the dripping … Continue reading Hopeless Romantic

Frequency to Grow

There is a frequency that we don’t see, a special vibrating color floating through our bodies, Its elaborate ploy is not harmful, but evolving the way we see, the way we think. Let us open the door and let it in, let it sink. One can only hope to feel the enormous weight of color rushing through the heart, The emotion is only the start. The beating of a drum, rushing blood, driving the wheel to the mind Like a loud catchy song, or a bond never to be broken between loved ones. Two friends hand in hand can change … Continue reading Frequency to Grow

Tragedy of the Muse (Drink up Me Hearties)

The Tragedy of the Muse By: Cam A woman once told me that I am nothing more than anthropomorphic. Somehow I was not amused. “We are daft and true, and fill our bodies with food. There is nothing else for us to do, you however are a hapless muse.” Spoken by delighted people, vigilant on sea wearing passage. The vessel we all sail on is only in turmoil when we are away from home on a hundred year voyage. To the creatures and beasts who spew malice drudgery and fill the thoughts of our culture, like a bucket on a … Continue reading Tragedy of the Muse (Drink up Me Hearties)

Fucking Blank Page

Fucking Blank Page By Cam Twine wraps around my aging body, too tight, the circulation is cut off. Purple skin. Pulsating, beating, dead. No embrace from the feel of something different. I’m terrified of life, because life has chewed my soul down to rubble. and I’m still alive. So I sit, I won’t brave another attempt. The storm, the one where Christ awoke and with a wave from his mighty hand it stopped, ceasing to rage on. All the fisherman saved, while his legacy grew. a different storm, My storm, capsized the boat and Christ never awoke. He drowned. I … Continue reading Fucking Blank Page