The Vase

Poem By: Cam (Mommy’s little Squid) My Mother, like a vase. Holding a bouquet of flowers, that nurtures their growth. Until the flowers wilt, and meticulously thrown into the void of space. I’m not sure if my mother ever took the Hippocratic Oath, But whatever she did to us kids wasn’t ever on purpose. Much like the vase’s innocence, Its incapable of releasing the water already inside it. My mother, did everything she could to embrace us, Like the flowers in the vase, it was a trap, cave, or pit. Someone that gave all her love to the point of … Continue reading The Vase

Couples Fight

By: Cam (Squid- Con) The first time we fought, we didn’t fight. We laughed, we yelled, we meticulously danced. Your words rang true, they were false, I said “lets fight!” both agreed. The con unleashed. But no one knew. The store was crowded, Sunday afternoon. A perfect setting for our pot to brew.  No one. All of them. Just right for us two. Fake like Streisand’s nose. Not entirely true. One listened with great detail, overhearing the stores working crew. “Would you like a fresh fruit blender?” The man tried to calm the storm. He had no idea what he’d … Continue reading Couples Fight


Poem by: Cam (squids don’t have feelings) You. Singularity a word centered around love. It reminds me of the stars high above. Your olive colored skin, sparkles in the night sky. You, remind me of a bird locked and tied. Free and untamed, I think of you by my side, but can I really be blamed? You. ignore me through the night. As if i’m not there, it fills me with fright. I love a woman who knows me not. And if she does, I’m not the one she wants. Cut deep, but I’m still around. I can only hope, … Continue reading You