Thank You

A poem by: Cam (the Squid) Thanks for one more time, one more lie, One more waste of a rhyme. Thanks for fucking with my mind. Your eyes light up the moon, like a bloodsucker waiting to feed. Its prey, a helpless boy awaiting death soon You, stabbing in the back while watching him bleed. You snicker like a predator, with your talons stained Licking your lips a killer you became. “Never to late change.” A lonely prayer from the martyr, The only boy who refused to believe in your horror. Your wings dark as a raven, Edgar Allan Poe … Continue reading Thank You

Canyon Kids

Written by: Cam, “the squid!” Ol’ Cumberbatch and wine, the art, but only that of the fine, Us children set against the canyon, Desperately needs a place to unwind. Loud music blaring, all the alcohol swirling, We drink until we are nothing, disappearing. Unnerved and unheard, we are the Canyon Kids that got lost from the herd. Unknown and insecure, never without the desire to be something more, Lost among the rolling hills, and blazing red rocks, That continue to jet outward into the sky, God, will we ever be alright. Amongst the dead, alone, but with sight. We scatter with … Continue reading Canyon Kids

My Babies Gone Blues

2 a.m. Alarming phone call. Its happening, Come to the hospital. Sitting outside, Confusion inside. Hand on the door, You’re not allowed in. A woman’s scream, My beautiful daughter has been born. Two people, no where and everywhere Took her home, A gift from love’s kiss. The hole in my heart can’t be filled, A pain so large, I can’t condone. As I watch my daughter grow, From a far away window. Continue reading My Babies Gone Blues


Vampyre, Vampyre, The darkness of his bite. What will become of those already dead? Life would be different if he could stop seeing red. The lust for blood, the rush for flesh, one thing is alive, soon to be skinned Can you feel it all going to thy head. Sundown, Orange sky, Sundown, red, Sundown, dark with the moon above thy head. Vampyre, Vampyre, awaken from your rest, The devil inside begins to lust, Yellow eyes raging, as the lungs brush off the dust. Dark inside the tomb, where he rests, Wondering what victim awaits in his sleeping slumber of … Continue reading Vampyre

Concrete War

Is war the last possible creative act? The proprietors of banks looking for gain against the weak and poor. The building up of disagreement to the point of anger and rage, Until feelings are no more, their importance goes up in flame. Fire from buildings, smoke for clouds, and blood like water. Evil? or possibly jazz music from Satan’s mouth. The night looks darkest in the light, as the body toll raises from each day and night. Music from the marching drones, the bombardment of homes, and the destruction of souls. Fight, fight, fight, until the battle is won, The … Continue reading Concrete War

Photography is Dead

This post, no doubtingly, will offend some people and I feel that before I begin this rambling I will mention and remind the reader that this is one man’s opinion. A man that is only a blogger, and who’s opinion should not effect your own. I might start this post with the idea of Adobe Photoshop. Lets picture this wonderful piece of software, and might I call it a murderer of an art form. I love how simple it has made editing and touching up photos. I can get the right colors and the exact exposures to bring out beautiful … Continue reading Photography is Dead