Lackadaisical Inside Me

Lackadaisical Inside Me By: Cam Tonight the devil laughs at my lackadaisical mood. His uncut jagged fingernails point at me, damning me from my work. I have no desire to write, paint, create. The animal inside is winning the battle tonight. I want to sit and let the powers at hand win. I am feeling alone; at least I have my shadow. What might be worse is I’m afraid to be around people. I’m confrontational.Pompous. Pretentious, with nothing to show and maybe nothing to give. All my confusion, my paranoia, and unwillingness cloud my mind. I am a child trying … Continue reading Lackadaisical Inside Me

Lou Reed The Boundary Pusher

Today I awoke to some tragic news. Lou Reed has passed away. Its truly as is if this bright light has faded and is no longer shining with us. There are moments in my life that I can specifically remember when artists, Legends, have passed away. Johnny Cash being one of them. I was in high school ditching my religious class (I did that often) listening to the radio in the parking lot. The announcer came on and said “Johnny Cash has passed away.” It shouldn’t have been that big of a shock to me since I knew he had … Continue reading Lou Reed The Boundary Pusher

She Walked Out On Me

Away, distant, Lost in the caverns of my mind. She walks in, tears streaming down her face. Angry, she waits until she is noticed. Trying to climb out of the deep tunnel, the far away place, the lost sanctuary that I am stationed, She gets frustrated and no longer can wait. She starts yelling. Something about how I haven’t met her needs, That I haven’t cleaned the already grungy apartment building, That the dog still needs to be walked. After the long hike back from the lost world of my sub-conscious with my ripped jeans and dry mouth. I try … Continue reading She Walked Out On Me

My Name is not Me

They called me a name when I was born, A little human from somewhere unknown. They called me a name while studying in school. A person young enough to be corrupted by the cruel. They said my name when I was in trouble or disobeying their laws. Because I was different then they and not continuing their cause. They called me names of hurt and destruction All to bring me down to their level of consumption. My name was given so that I may follow, but I am not a person who is empty or hollow, I will no longer … Continue reading My Name is not Me

Sigur Rós new Song: ÍSJAKI

Sigur Ros has a new album coming out that I am anticipating greatly. Here is the single from their new album. I hope it brings joy into your heart and soul. (I have been slacking on my blog recently. I hope to get back to posting on a weekly basis. I also hope everyone is doing well and is happy. I have been working on a painting for several months and am excited that it is nearly finished. I can’t wait to post it and share with all of you) Continue reading Sigur Rós new Song: ÍSJAKI