I’ll Come Running

Poem by Cam (Romantic Squid) I’ll follow your voice to the end of time The mountains are dark and filled with rotten thyme But when I hear your voice I am filled with sublime. Though the dark clouds are rolling signs. I’ll come running when you call. The ocean is frightful, When I hold your hand I can’t see the night fall. The waves rage, turn, overturn and crash. I pray to god this moment with you will not be our last. I’ll come running when you call. The darkest days are followed by the shroud of destruction, Every time … Continue reading I’ll Come Running

Dreams of Love

By: Cam (hurting squid vs. The searunt) I dream, The light is vivid, and when I wake I scream. They speak to me, Tell me things, I saw you there with another man, oh how it stings. They help me prepare for what may come. The life and times of a relationship that’s done. I knew you’d be gone, Your cover had already been blown. I knew i had made a fool of myself. Trusting one that was supposed to be lost. Nothing was left, except for a mistake. And all this heartbreak. Shattered glass, figments of the subconscious I’m … Continue reading Dreams of Love

Our Wristwatch

Poem by Cam (Get your squid on) I need to get out of my head, The shallow tunnel, my delusional funnel, Round it goes towards the blank space of nothingness. Degrading, breaking, the pieces are lost. Truth becomes obsolete, if there is nothing to trust. lies after lies, consume those of us who are strong enough to thrust. The mighty weapon, a spear so illustrious. In hand can destroy or help one point the way. Will we use it for death, the majesty of human injustice. Will we use it for life, the struggle for all of our wind up … Continue reading Our Wristwatch

Netflix and Chill

Poem by: Cam (Netflix and Squid) If I could be her Netflix show, The one she leaves on all night to keep watch against the crow. If I could be the noise she falls asleep too, the one that drowns out her minds ballyhoo. Sometimes the sorrow can be too much to handle, could I be the light from your candle. If I could be the beer bottle that one with the lime. To be one step closer to having your lips against mine. If I could be that cold liquor poured down your throat, The one that warms you like a … Continue reading Netflix and Chill

Doomsday Rages On

Poem by Cam (MF Squidoom) One minute to 12. We look towards the future, Doomsday doesn’t care, as it twitches we stand by and stare. Those of us who survive, find ourselves in the past. Like a leaf floating down from its branch. We continue to progress. Though complicated at times, and the drama makes it hard to unwind. we’ll brush off the dust that settles from the skies. The radiation poisons us from the outside, through the inside. Ride the strands of fate, to the seconds before we see the hate. Mushroom clouds align the horizon, Soon we’ll be … Continue reading Doomsday Rages On

Borrowed Time

More filthy poetry by yours truly: Cam (Squid on) Do not come to me, without a clear conscious, Like an uprooted tree ready to set back down upon us. To plant your roots deep into my soil, Never to be lost, or moved, and without all the trouble. If your face must show itself unto mine, I beg of you to remember all the positive and good times. I can’t live without your touches high. LIke the branches that give us oxygen into the night sky. We worship the moon, because your light is already like the sun. Wonder, enchantment, … Continue reading Borrowed Time