Top 25 Songs of 2013

Here is my annual music in review. I decided to go the song route this time as it was difficult for me to find the time to listen to everything that came out. This year was a strange and beautiful year for music. I hope everyone enjoys my list and feel free to share with me your favorite songs of 2013. 1- Kanye West Song: New Slaves 2- Arcade Fire Song: After Life (Runner Ups: Reflektor, We Exist, Supersymmetry) 3- Earl Sweatshirt Song: Chum 4- Aloe Blacc Song: Wake Me Up (Runner Up: The Man) 5- Devendra Banhart Song: Never … Continue reading Top 25 Songs of 2013

Lou Reed The Boundary Pusher

Today I awoke to some tragic news. Lou Reed has passed away. Its truly as is if this bright light has faded and is no longer shining with us. There are moments in my life that I can specifically remember when artists, Legends, have passed away. Johnny Cash being one of them. I was in high school ditching my religious class (I did that often) listening to the radio in the parking lot. The announcer came on and said “Johnny Cash has passed away.” It shouldn’t have been that big of a shock to me since I knew he had … Continue reading Lou Reed The Boundary Pusher

Sigur Rós new Song: ÍSJAKI

Sigur Ros has a new album coming out that I am anticipating greatly. Here is the single from their new album. I hope it brings joy into your heart and soul. (I have been slacking on my blog recently. I hope to get back to posting on a weekly basis. I also hope everyone is doing well and is happy. I have been working on a painting for several months and am excited that it is nearly finished. I can’t wait to post it and share with all of you) Continue reading Sigur Rós new Song: ÍSJAKI

Bob Dylan’s Birthday

Bob Dylan is the greatest lyricist of any generation. He is better then John Lennon, he is better then Paul Simon, he is better then anyone I’ve ever listened to. I believe this man’s birth should be a national Holiday. There is not another man who writes lyrics so simply, so perfectly, so emotionally then Bob Dylan. I say simply in context, because the man could write lyrics so complex and so meaningful that even a layman could understand them. He is one of the most important peoples rights activist who has ever lived. He has not only changed millions … Continue reading Bob Dylan’s Birthday

1812 Overture – Tchaikovsky

It has been an amazing evening for me. I was visiting with my aunt and uncle who i haven’t seen in several years. They live in the rainforest in Washington. I spent a good few hours with them, and like most introverted people I had wasted my so called battery. It was my time to go and recharge. I was driving home and listening to the radio, which I never do, so I changed it to the classical station. Most people that know me, know that I love classical music. The radio announcer comes on after a wonderful peice and … Continue reading 1812 Overture – Tchaikovsky

Top 25 Albums of 2012

For almost 5 years consecutively, I have made a top 25 album lists of the year. I find it fun to be able to look back through the years at the different music that I was into at the time. I list the artist first, then the album name, and then a song to check out from that album. Here is my list for this wonderful year: 2012 1.  Jack White – Blunderbuss (Missing Pieces) 2.  Frank Ocean – Channel Orange (Pyramids) 3.  Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes (Tiny Tortures) 4.  OFWGKTA – Odd Future Tape: Vol. 2 (Rella) 5. … Continue reading Top 25 Albums of 2012

Top 25 Albums of 2010…(Old list)

I was browsing through some old files today and came across this top 25 albums list I made for 2010. It was cool to see what has changed and if the albums I liked then still hold true to their numbers. Some dont, to be honest. Anyway thought it was a cool list so I’m going to post it. Top 25 Albums of 2010 1-Kanye West-Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy(This album will go down as his Greatest, but I thought that about Graduation as well.) 2-LCD Soundsystem- Album: This is Happening(The only thing that holds this album down is … Continue reading Top 25 Albums of 2010…(Old list)