About Me

My name is Cameron. I was born in the state of Washington and have lived most my life in Utah.

I love being human and I love humans. In all our glory we are stupid, fragile, weak,  bold, courageous, intelligent, peaceful, warmongers, hateful, happy, angry, sad, followers, and leaders. We are humans and this is our race. I believe on my better days that every man, women, and child deserves to have peace in their lives and not to be governed by anyone else but themselves. Take your own responsibility for your actions and you can believe what you want to believe and become what you want to be, but don’t hurt anyone else because everyone has the same right as you do.

I am a person who loves to joke and have fun. I feel that it is OK to joke around and have fun with our weaknesses and triumphs. I am not trying to offend anyone, but I think we all need to start thinking more and stop worrying about the media and who does what and what celebrity is getting a divorce. There is more to life then the poison that gets fed to each individual with a Television-set. I will admit that most of my posts make fun of others and are mostly a lie. I write my posts only for entertainment purposes for me, if others enjoy what I have to say then so be it.


35 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Hi Cameron,

      Hello! It seems to take four months and ten days to get the first response on what you wrote —- far too long to receive a reward for such an effort at introspection.

      Without further delay, SoundEagle would like to commend you for not being one of the sheep and for standing out. You obviously recognise the traps and pitfalls of certain or all organised religions, as well as the follies and foibles of human beings, plus the power of media and the shallowness of the cult of celebrity.

      Yes, there is depth and maturity in you, plus unnecessary self-deprecation.

      Cheers! SoundEagle looks forward to greater growth and more insight from you . . . . .

  1. you don’t sound like an idiot! I think everything you say is insightful and honest – plus interesting I don’t know much about the Mormons, I also wonder why there is a big obbession with celebrities, I only admire those with true talent and admiring is fine but they are not above us.. no one is!

    1. I completely agree with you. No one is above anyone! We are all equal. Ha I’m not a Mormon, but I used to be one. so if you have any questions about the religion I most likely can answer them. I will try not to be biased and give a good all a round point of view. I appreciate you commenting on my blog. It always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when people give me compliments. 😛 so thanks!

      1. We are not all equal. The wise will think and act wisely, the foolish will not. The good will be benevolent, the bad will be malevolent . . . . and so on.

  2. Its ok I just liked hearing about them! Were you are is special place has it holds the Sundance Festival, very much admired over here! Re compliments it is nice but I like to see it as a direct truth! I have to tell you I very much enjoy blogs its amazing you can post something and then see who the world reads you and also to hear whats happening around the world to everyone! Cool isn’t it!

    1. Yeah I’m fully addicted to blogging now! I can’t stop myself. As for the Sundance Film Festival….It is an amazing festival. I was just up by Sundance yesterday. It’s beautiful up there. So not only does utah have some good movies but we have some pretty awesome mountains. haha (I’m trying to be more optimistic about the place I live.) is it working?

      1. Of course! you have to love where you live but if not there are so many other places in the world.. mountains are worth so much they are beautiful you should love them, we have amazing ones in the Lake District one of the most beautiful places in England.

    2. Oh my! you live in England! that might be the greatest thing I’ve heard. I can already tell you that “the Lake District” you live in is 10 x better then where i’m at. I’m super jealous. I’ve never been to England but I have a deep desire to go! I used to work for a company where I got the chance to talk to people in England and it was fantastic. The people over there are truly wonderful people. (I could probably talk your ear off about how much I want to go to England, but I wont) Hope you have a great day and thanks for all the support on my blog.

    1. Utah is great when you can go skiing or hiking (Spend most your time in the mountains.) there are some great Mexican Restaurants to. One day you should come here, but only if its not an inconvenience. I could name at least a handful of places i’d visit it before. 🙂 thanks for the compliments on the intro.

  3. I like your Mission Statement Cameron – I’m with you! 🙂 Thanks for following and please feel free to take advantage of the free online training I’m offering as a celebration of the launch of my book. 🙂

    1. I’m excited to take advantage of your free training. Thanks for the offer and good luck with the book. I myself am currently writing a book and its something that is challenging but rewarding.

      1. hah wow. Ok so I’ve go tot know cause curiosity gets the better of me on a daily basis, but are you still apart of any of those 5 churches and if so which one? or are you now Atheist or Agnostic?

  4. I know what its like to be taken by the ankle. All the paths did not work except Ajhan Jayasaro. Just connection, less thought and more peace. It’s a far less painfull way although frustrating. Good luck and Sadu Sadu Sadu (it’s a holy acknowledgement to you)

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