Polar Age

By Cam: maimed squid

When I was younger,
I was taught about a world that felt older.
One that was filled with hate and prejudice.
Wars had been fought, bills had been passed.
And finally no one cared what color of skin was in class.

When I was younger,
The resolution was comforting,
I thought the world was strengthening.
I didn’t understand a smoke screen.
Tunnel vision of what I wanted to be seen.
Blinders are often blinding.

Now that I’m older,
I am taught about a world that is now,
Nazi’s and white supremacy is on the prowl.
With pitchforks, and torch lights, and a massive brawl.
Anger illuminates, and good people fall.
Dead bodies lye in a sprawl.

Now that I’m older,
I find it more difficult to watch the news,
and be sober.
An evil I was taught, had its knees to the ground brought.
Wasn’t that which conventional wisdom taught?
One can not believe the noise of naught.

Now that I’m older,
I wish that I could go back to being younger.
To live in a world, where the color of skin doesn’t matter.
But now that I am older.
I’d be blind to see that I live in a very real world,
Where it does in fact matter.
Lets gather hands, and raise this chatter.
and protest in a peaceful manner.

Because I’m not better then you, and you’re not better than me,
As better, there is no such thing.
Lets raise our glasses, a toast, to equality.
Photo by artist Glenn Ligon Titled: Untitled (How it feels to be colored me…doubled)  (1991)

The above picture has influenced me, taught me, and respectfully punched me in my blind ignorance, and spoiled view point. Its not difficult to see that there is a true problem with race in our beautiful country (the world). I have written this poem in response to Charlottesville, VA. I’m hurting, and struck deeply with the events that have occured. There are only two ways of comfort for me, writing and painting, during such a terrifying act of bigotry I felt the need to let out the frustrations through the art of poetry. (And I hope the artist of the picture above will not be upset with me using such a beautiful statement on my blog.)


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