Bright lighted Anomaly

By: Cam (Found Squid)

Tonight, a rust filled sent flows through the wind.
The cold air, rushes and bends.
It breezes in between my hair,
A force that I can’t ignore.
My face begins to tingle, and my hands clench,
As I try to hide from the continuous down pour.
I take refuge under a large tree branch.
One that is dilapidated, and broken at its defying end.
It’s existence I’m thankful for.

A cigarette gently rests in between my lips,
As I puff and blow, I become one with the scenario.
A lost man, in the pouring rain,
Hidden from those who shame,
Underneath a sacred tree far from blame.
But I go out in the cold to make my name known.
It is through the unbeaten path, and each cutting stone,
That success finds those that are alone.
and through its haze and fire,
It quickly goes out like my cigarette lighter.

At the end of the day, all we have is the rustic wind in our hair.
The pouring rain on our faces.
as I trek to far out places,
And understand natures sympathies,
I came across an epiphany.
That what one does with their time,
Defines them and their legacy.
Please bring the rain and wind,
So I can raise my hands to get lost in.
Absent from all that is protection.
I am free, predators come at me.
Anomaly 4

© words and photo produced by owner of blog, please under no circumstances use without owners permission.


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