By Cam: (Squidhood)

Are you an adult?
One who works a 9 – 5,
has hairy fat thighs.
Dresses in a striped tie,
Surrounds themselves with positive vibes

Are you mature?
Someone who pays their bills,
Gently manicures in front of the mirror.
Cuts their toe nails,
and worries about their net sales.

Are you over 40?
One who drinks oolong tea,
instead of black coffee.
Those who take a pilgrimage to the red sea,
or votes an elephant over a donkey.

Are you underdeveloped?
One who socially drinks,
Pops Percocet by the kitchen sink.
But never has anytime to silently think.
Or has webbed feet and dresses like a freak.

Are you advanced?
One who is learned,
Dreams of going to France.
Loves music that leaves you in a trance.
And never puts dancing last.

Are you ripe with age?
A house owner with a large mortgage,
who always takes out the garbage.
One who is married and committed.
Scared of dying alone, and oh so wretched.

Are you an adult?
One who can’t take a joke.
Who listens intently to older folks.
A wise teacher once wrote,
I’d rather be a child then an adult.


©words and photo owned by this blog’s owner


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