Hot Air Balloon

By: Cam (NSFW_Squid)

Voodoo woman, magic overwhelming…
Copulating thunder storm, rending, twisting.
The sheets pulling, your face glowing.
Love resides in the depth of our eyes.
Stop, slow. never let go. let go.

Helium lifts the balloon to the ceiling.
Don’t ever lose this feeling.
Twirling, through the grasp of your octopus hair.
The mist of the monster’s lair.

Tentacles glued to my face and hands.
As the thin layer expands.
The amorous pin pricks the band.
Can you smell the affection?

The oxygen is lessened.
Our bodies glistened.
The balloon pops, shudders, and stops.
As we sink gently to the bed top.
© copyright reserved by owner of blog (words and picture)



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