Assembly not Included

By: Cam (The unwinding squid)

Programmed and unified,
underdeveloped, uneducated, assembly line.
Minimum wage, keeps production amplified,
Mindless and numb, we divide.
Singularity, a stress induced polarity.
While the anxiety stays,
Everyone waits to be paid.
We fight and jostle, for the right to hustle.
As the bills pile up, The rich become corrupt.
The food scarce, as this tale is no farce.
A commonality among those in the rat race
Mass consumption, can you keep up the pace?
Starvation, and used clothes,
dirty bed sheets, with little horse meat to eat.
A fabrication for those ignorant to the streets.

Please sir, can you lend us a hand?
As its time to unite and make a stand.
But when it comes to fight, no one is in sight.
As everyone is afraid to loose their rights.
Or for better, what little rights we think we have.

Da Beach 4
©words and picture by the owner of this blog


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