Love’s Jargon

By: Cam (confused squid)

Icky, sticky, clump of goo,
Molded, saturated, flammable too.
Walking, crawling, wonderment ornament.
Hung from the ceiling, endangerment.

Moist, Joyce, sat by the television
Can’t see the light,  through the vibrations of the night.
Driving, smoking, until one is choking.
She looses sight, and feeling as one stops bleeding.

Crying, stomping, tantrum stun,
Jack ass miniatures, as sarcasm tops orgasm.
Stuck in the moment, a golden ratio.
The sands of time, stop in the grotto.

Jargon, bygone, lost in motion.
Spinning, reversing, ones believing.
A recipe for a life of fleeting.
One must wonder the true meaning?
anomaly 2


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