The Conquered

By: Cam (Obliterated Squid)

Life must be rough!
To have someone love you so much.
Maybe one day I’ll finally be able to regret,
what was once us.

Until that day,
Your beauty surrounds my thoughts,
and your eyes know just how deep to cut.
All those monarchs in my gut.
Only the foolish believe they can see.
That I’m the one for you,
and you’re the one for me,
has never been easy.

Like a brave General positioning yourself,
the proper strategy,
One blindsides after a silencing.
How could I know what you were thinking?
The queen moves without warning.
Check mate.

Left for dead, I sat there in a wonder.
My spinning head
Dizzy, and in a blunder.
No woman wants a man that she can conquer.

©  SPLAT!!!  ©

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