Death Rattle

By: Cam (grave squid)

Is it wrong of me to think of death?
To want to die,
Pretense, intensive analysis of what comes next.
I’m not sure it matters, just the fact that its around the corner.
Is it life or the crucifix?

when I die,
I want to go out with a noose around my neck,
or a bullet to the heart,
in a blaze of fire in a bank.
What about an old saloon gun fight?
To want to die is not the same as committing suicide.
Its not the same of committing a crime.
All it is, and all that it can be, we live and then we die.
We can ignore it, but it lingers in the back of our mind.

No reason to dwell on the death,
We are here to live, so focus on life.
Death seems too hard.
Why worry about the future?
we don’t choose how we die,
But if one thing is certain in this life,
its that we all stop breathing.
We all stop crying.
We all stop feeling.

Death is Inevitable.
Life is Charitable.
Don’t take the beauty of death out of life,
For every up there is a down,
The cycle is forever.
much like a smile turns to a frown,
Can’t we all get along?

We already have something in common,
grab my hand, and lets walk into the sun.

©DFT image and words belong to

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