Phases (the moon light, the sun light)

By: Cam (New Squid Old)

In each phase of life,
I find myself awake, wakening, woken,
conscience growing, like a pod in a garden.
Listening to every word, instead of the radio blaring
T.V. Glaring.
Wanting more then the mundane, a changing,
And accepting what comes my way.

In every other phase,
I find myself asleep, sleeping, slept.
My eyelids closed, with no ability to open up.
Surrounded by a grey cloud, that twists and swirls around me.
Darkness creeping, negativity seething.
Wanting more of the lazy, the monotonous, less of the tedious.
Un-accepting what walks into my life.

It reminds me of the earth that I was born upon.
My home, plagued with the light of the sun,
with the glare of the moon.
Most nights I can’t see the stars, blinded by the street lights.
But I keep faith that they are still there, shining bright.
As I patiently wait for the next phase of my life.
My eyes constantly fixed on the sky.


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