The Grudge

(This isn’t much of a poem, more like my current status. I couldn’t keep it in.)
By Cam, (Do squids have feelings?)

I have so much anger.
So much darkness inside,
It consumes, rages, in my mind.
Like a starving animal, desperation keeps me alive.

It hurts to wake up in the morning.
Your words strangle without oxygen, drowning.
But it never keeps me down.
Who said “put a fork in it you’re done!”
A nice fuck you! to those who don’t believe in me.
I won’t roll over that easy.

To those who continue to use me,
Abuse, cut, and talk behind my back.
Its you’re absence, disbelief, manipulation, that fuels me.
Through the fire, I’ll never look away,
With eyes focused on the black tar that resides,
My body burns bright from the inside.

You will not control me,
You will not hold me down,
My fate is mine alone,
Until you believe in me,
I’ll walk that lonely road.
Head held high,
My labors will not divide.
My strength will not subside.
The pain you cause me,
Is what keeps me alive.





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