Poem: By the Squid (react)

Tyranny, not us.
Not our religion. Not our government.
Destroy the others, kill the infidels.
One might sit in the comforts of their homes,
delivered pizza, and forget to morn
We are here to be born, awaken, awaken.

Oppression, Like the dull side of a sword
Not us, not our county.
Bombs away to the lands of the far,
It doesn’t effect us so why should we care?
Cut the drama, the arts, the expression of life.
Who needs it, when fear introduces our strife.

Persecution, whipped snapped against our confusion.
Look at the pretty dogs, and gorillas on TV
Can’t we forgive our preposterous killing sprees?
Our unjust treatment of the Land and sea.
Evolution has come along way since we longed to be with our family.
Soon we’ll be warring with the trees.

Judgement, who a black, where a black,
Lay them down before they react.
Homosexuals and trans know what they’re about.
Wondering who will come to save our doubts,
as we sit at home, bottom lip out.
Drugs cloud our minds with a distraction cap.

Freedom, sounds more like a dream
As we let the rulers reign supreme.
You’re apart of a beautiful thing,
That of the human race, don’t be the one to hold us down.
Can’t we enjoy our individual sound?
Rebel against the evil of the crown.





2 thoughts on “Tyranny

  1. Muito forte e honesto. Vejo o mesmo que você e a cada dia o meu medo aumenta. Sinto que em breve enfrentaremos os flagelos de uma nova guerra e mais uma vez o futuro onde todos somos somente humanos com suas virtudes e fraquezas, é cada vez mais distante e utópico.

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