Peculiar Love

Written by: Cam (Squid on fire)

Pleasant, like the dew in the early morn.
I wonder about the rain, my actions bring.
Beautiful, like the first time you see an old friend.
You lay there naked, with a white sheet between your legs.
I move my hands down the curve of your back.
I’ve never wanted this to end.

Your hair a shadow from the light, bags under your eyes.
We both struggle to stay awake,
neither one of us wanting to fall asleep.
Cant you see the horrible mess you make me?
All the happiness, i’m not sure how to handle it.
Can we fuck, and get this over with?

One might look upon us as a sin,
But what one doesn’t know can’t hurt him.
The night is dark, but this room is my sunlight.
Our clothes on the floor, soft music playing.
We make love, like a harmonious dance.
but you never wanted another chance.

I’ll never forget how you let me enter,
We both came through the storm of winter.
Holding each other like we’ll never let go,
but when the sun rises, you won’t be my home.
We’ll part ways, never to return.
A never ending circle.
How peculiar, this word Love.



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