My Suburb

By Cam (Squid rap)

I grew up in the suburbs.
House house, street street, Curb Curb.
Have you visited? or have you heard?
Can’t tell what family has a different name.
Cause we all look the same.
Afraid to go outside, and have a real life.
want to settle down with a trophy wife.
Need Need, want want, Take Take.
I live in a society that doesn’t cut the cake.

Urban culture, soaring high through a scream
Beat Beat, poor poor, Steam Steam.
Microphones panting like a dog in a dream.
As the police rage on towards the down town scene.
Homeless people rant on, and bathe until they’re clean.
I need to read a book, before my head starts spinning.
My ADD has me start, but never finishing.
Gun Gun, click click, Burn Burn.
Another one killed as the shots are fired.

Mouth breathers fight, underneath the traffic lights.
Ignorant Ignorant, lost lost, Laugh laugh.
If we can’t find away, we’ll never move past.
Social injustices are always fixed last.
Saxophones don’t play, and horns no longer sound.
What type of future will be made, is there an instrument around?
One must remove, the shackles that we are bound.
Climate Climate, change change, Blame Blame.
We only can point the fingers at ourselves and play the shame game.

Are you afraid to jump on the progressive train?

©please don’t use words or images without consent of the owner of the blog.


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