Death of a Trailblazer

Poem by Cam: (just keep squiding)

The death of one’s trailblazing,
Only ends when one is willing,
to succumb to love.
A death trap, so captivating!
The illusion of companionship,
for eternity?
Oh all the beauty. delusion.

I have fought for my own path, my own will,
Broke the chains from the monotonous religious overkill.
Love? not me. Never.
Can’t be one who is overwhelmed!
I’m just a man, who wants his cake and to eat it too.
More than not, not one can have the two.
Freedom, and all its loneliness.
What will I ever do?

A life purpose questioned, as you walked into my life.
Once more, a thriller or a mystery.
All your beauty,
and god! I never knew you were funny.
How do you have a better taste in music?
A desire for the cryptic.
All that dancing, and wrestling about.
I understand why farmers don’t pray for droughts.
Could all the talk be true?
That love really is what its all cracked up to be?

This can’t work, It wont work!
But as I get older,  i’d give up everything,
For just one more morning.
All the pain, and a life that’s boring.
Girl, I’m willing.

I’m succumbing.

©copyright of poem from


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