Poem by: Cam (squids don’t have feelings)


Singularity a word centered around love.
It reminds me of the stars high above.
Your olive colored skin, sparkles in the night sky.
You, remind me of a bird locked and tied.
Free and untamed,
I think of you by my side, but can I really be blamed?


ignore me through the night.
As if i’m not there, it fills me with fright.
I love a woman who knows me not.
And if she does, I’m not the one she wants.
Cut deep, but I’m still around.
I can only hope, a love that is found.


A source of excitement and pain.
I’m not sure I can handle another stain.
Upon my soul, your finger print is complete.
You’re commitment, is the one thing left for a repeat.


left alone down a dimly lit street.
Shattered, confused, without a heartbeat.
A shadow, a bird, a slight breeze, with no one to be heard.
Shakin’ not stirred.
God! I need another drink.



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