Crocodilian Voodoo

Poem by Cam: (the squid don’t wear crocs)

They come in droves, They come in masses,
Inching their way through the swamp gasses.
With green and black speckled paint around their ears.
Their words of affirmation is something to fear.
Around their asses, a tale long and thick.
Be surprised if they don’t have ticks.
A warning of their lies swirling around their heads.
the frogs afraid to leap, end up dead.

A snaggletooth in every mouth,
As sharp as razors blades, a force for all to see,
“Little fish I am not hear for you,” oh the hypocrisy.
Motive, to be a head of the Darwinian spread.
Not a new age theory, like a sandwich without its bread.
Why are you so Crocodilian?
For one small chance at a Milli-and?

Don’t believe the verbs they feed you,
For you and I are not so see through.
The truth is all that can save you.
Don’t fall in the trap of the gators voodoo.



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