Sales pitch for the Human Soul

Poem by Cam (the Earth wandering squid)

Come one, Come all, to the grandest show on earth.
There are those that are lost, and those that hurt.
There are beasts of four legs, and beast of two,
We see flight from creatures with giant wings, its true.
Living oak trees, from green to brown.
What more could a king want besides his crown?

The emotions brought to overwhelming time,
are just the desires of the heart, yours and mine.
But let us not forget the powers at hand.
All one wants is the chance to let love stand.
To fill the soul, like a glass half full.
Let us be truthful, let us chance the opportunity of the painful.
For what better gift of life then those that embrace,
Those that kiss, those that grow old together with such grace.

Come one, Come all, its the greatest show on earth.
Be gentle and kind to those that hurt.
For they will soon understand the meaning of loves worth.
Like the gentle wings flapping from a butterfly in spring time.
One must look at life as it happens, and not of a crime.
So take the ride, and find ones own sublime.
For with out you, my life would be a lie.


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