Deal with the Devil

Poem by: Cam (Squid with horns)

Darkest of lost nights,
nigh the interstellar of the sky.
I look beyond the moon,
As the tide will rise soon.

A spacious glow, red, yellow, and a purple hue,
Circulate around the full moon.
The stars are black, the drugs are beginning to bend.
Baphomet, and the silver pen.
His anger rises but the devil never asks when.

The shadow awaits me, in the sanctuary of my room.
Glued to my seat, my chair won’t move.
God would not approve.
Behind me is the tall dark spirit,
whispering into my ear about the fears of the tomb.
What will you do in your life before you meet your doom?

His cold dark stare, a handsome man, skin an olive tan.
Top hat, and raven for his companion.
Crowing and dabbling in the power of the darkside.
I wondered if I would be able to see through his lies.
His conversing is that of an old man so wise.
A foolish boy, like a flower wilts and yields.
His love walked away from their green fields.

The first question, to begin the barter.
“what is it you want my son? anything to push you farther?”
Broken heart, a familiar sting, I say I want her
His answer was nothing.
Again I repeat I want the woman of my dreams.
He says “free will! can’t give you everything.”
So it may seem,
So it may seem.

Willingly I challenge him, Please there is nothing I want more.
He laughs a little, and looks towards the door.
“I can leave, but you won’t get another chance at life.
I’ll call death down upon thee, and he will end your strife.”
A foolish mortal, such as me, can’t understand the hypocrisy.
Bewildered, Escaping the angel of death is a fearful endeavor.
My mind begins to swing and beat to a never ending fever.
Again the spirit of gravity yells, “what do you want?”
As the devil knows not when to stop.

I type on my keyboard, as the words escape my tongue.
Oxygen, my last breath, fills my lung.
I speak of all the riches, the houses, the cars, the money to travel to places afar.
“You will give me your all, if not you will fall.”
Death begins to stick me with his sharpened sickle.
My body goes limp, and I drop to the floor a cripple.
“Speak the words with your mind, and I’ll give you more time.”
Lucifer always knew the difference between a sin and a crime.
With his silver pen, I asked where do I sign?

A joyful smile, crosses his face.
Terrifyingly beautiful, he points to the blank space.
He has won. I, unknown of the consequences that will come.
A demon burned into my soul,
The flesh raw from a fire red coal.
I pass out on the hard wooden floor,
as the drugs begin to take their toll.
A delusion of the medicine, or horrible nightmare?
I awake the next morning without a worry or care.
but deep down inside, the devil and I are a pair.
I am different, I am cold, I am a man without a home.

© image and words are owned by the artist of this page, please ask before use.


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