Dreams of Love

By: Cam (hurting squid vs. The searunt)

I dream,
The light is vivid, and when I wake I scream.
They speak to me, Tell me things,
I saw you there with another man, oh how it stings.
They help me prepare for what may come.
The life and times of a relationship that’s done.

I knew you’d be gone,
Your cover had already been blown.
I knew i had made a fool of myself.
Trusting one that was supposed to be lost.
Nothing was left, except for a mistake.
And all this heartbreak.

Shattered glass, figments of the subconscious
I’m not sure love can ever be cautious.
With deep pain, comes great progress.
What if love was supposed to move us?
But alas the dream never comes, only lust.
Jealousy. and anguish.

True love doesn’t exist.


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