A Writer’s Game of Seduction

Poem by Cam (Not a reflection of the Squid)

I laugh at the muse, She thinks she has it figured out.
Time to think again, cause its not you I want my friend.
Like jealous envy, a fuel to burn.
I don’t believe in love, just a will to get things done.

I make you feel like you have me in your pocket,
A place to keep me in, like a diamond in a socket.
But I’m no jewel, just a man who plays the fool.
I bide my time, memories fade, and that’s when you start to unwind.
Don’t believe the lie, I’m not that type of guy.

I’ll leave you by your bedside.
Go run and hide!

The whole mess is beneath me.
I just needed something to wake me.
Writers block can get messy.


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