To the Queen of Snow

A poem by Cam (Squid-word)

It’s cold. My pale toes,  blue feet, and ankles
Freezing from all this snow.
My fingers are numb,  my head is pounding.
I wrap my self in a blanket while I watch the snow start falling.
In a trance I am stuck mesmerizing.
The thought of you is all I can see,
But your quietness consumes the better parts of me.

The fog from my car window, Defrosting.
I turn the heat on, but nothing seems to be working.
I hope the car will start, the engine turning, stopping.
I’ll have to wait out the snow fall,
If my dream will ever call.

The slow deliberate execution of life,
I watch intently through my kitchen window.
The snow queen angers on,
The blanket of ice and sheet rages against my frozen pond.
Death is in the air, but the end isn’t clear.
She is everything to me,
I made a mistake, O’ worse made her angry.
The wrath from the queen has no sympathy.
If I could just get close enough to tell her “I’m sorry.”

My heart longs to see the start of spring,
where all comes to grow and turns to green.
If the queen would just give it a chance,
our long lost romance.
perhaps the cracking of a seed,
a spore, the hope of our love to endure.


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