Our Wristwatch

Poem by Cam (Get your squid on)

I need to get out of my head,
The shallow tunnel, my delusional funnel,
Round it goes towards the blank space of nothingness.
Degrading, breaking, the pieces are lost.
Truth becomes obsolete, if there is nothing to trust.
lies after lies, consume those of us who are strong enough to thrust.
The mighty weapon, a spear so illustrious.
In hand can destroy or help one point the way.
Will we use it for death, the majesty of human injustice.
Will we use it for life, the struggle for all of our wind up clocks.
Wristwatch, tick tock, tick tick tock.

How will we cope with the consequences we try so hard to elope.
Running further down the path, without ones hand on the guided rope.
A place unknown,  a paradise lost,
how much anger becomes too much of a cost?
Cut me through the freedom of sound,
the beating whistle of the drum in hand.
How many, to few, will make the stand.
Dance away this ill-fated tumultuous Land,
A dream of a better place to cut through the fogs of sand.
When will we learn to stop and try to understand?
Malnutrition, and lack of wisdom.

Raise up, raise up,
A call to help the hero who is  desperately fighting.
“One for all and all for one,” the musketeers are crying.
Pontius Pilot rinsed his hands, and so shall we if we don’t make a stand.
Gather your hearts, your banners, and let us be one.
For we are a solitary rock, underneath the great sun.


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