Doomsday Rages On

Poem by Cam (MF Squidoom)

One minute to 12. We look towards the future,
Doomsday doesn’t care, as it twitches we stand by and stare.
Those of us who survive, find ourselves in the past.
Like a leaf floating down from its branch.
We continue to progress.

Though complicated at times, and the drama makes it hard to unwind.
we’ll brush off the dust that settles from the skies.
The radiation poisons us from the outside, through the inside.
Ride the strands of fate, to the seconds before we see the hate.
Mushroom clouds align the horizon,
Soon we’ll be dead, and nothing will be rising.

Cut the death talk, the war talk, we have the right to continue to walk.
For you are I, and I are you, let us continue.
Let your preconceptions of what life should be go.
As the cocks scavenge, pick, and crow.
The devil is in the skin, let us accept our sin.
Become one with nature, and live within.
For the earth is only ours, until it decides we’ve given it to many scars.
Progress is the only way we’ll be able to live amongst the stars.


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