Borrowed Time

More filthy poetry by yours truly: Cam (Squid on)

Do not come to me, without a clear conscious,
Like an uprooted tree ready to set back down upon us.
To plant your roots deep into my soil,
Never to be lost, or moved, and without all the trouble.
If your face must show itself unto mine,
I beg of you to remember all the positive and good times.
I can’t live without your touches high.
LIke the branches that give us oxygen into the night sky.

We worship the moon, because your light is already like the sun.
Wonder, enchantment, desire, we stop in our tracks stunned.
Overwhelmed by the righteous feeling of love.
I touch your hand, and wrestle with your tongue.
Your eyes cut to my soul, like a diamond among the black coal.
The dark shadows from the surrounding wilderness,
reach out like a blanket and wraps around us.
I’ll hold you in my arms through out the morning
With the red sky’s, a sailors warning.
Will you stay with me until there is no tomorrow.
I’ll love you until I have no time left to borrow.


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