My Chelsea Hotel

The snow falls, gentle and slow.
All through the night, a car in danger from the blinding white,
Pulled off the icy road, the air is fucking cold.
We walk hand in hand, and rented a room from a kid impersonating a man.
“We’ll have a hotel room with one large bed,” She said.
With the music turned on, we danced and wrestle through the song.
Laughing while our clothes were falling.
Few whiskey shots down, two by two.
A passionate kiss leads to being one with you.

At least for a short time that night, heaven existed within me.
I wanted to stay there forever, throw away the room key.
Forcing myself to stay awake to watch you sleep,
Trying to slow down the time, the exhaustion I’ll keep.
The thought of you in my grasp raced through my mind.
Rushed only by the cruel speed of time.
Had the white whale of my dreams finally been caught,
Or a lesson soon to be learned, soon to be taught?



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