Locked Door

Poem by Cam: The Almighty Squid

Catastrophic silence, the feel of claustrophobia
Weighs heavy on my heart.
A once loud and beating drum of excitement,
Lost from your continued quite.
I used to wake up with the knowledge of your light,
its been taken away from me because of some unknown sight.
The broken glass of my dreams lay in front of me.
A gnarly twisting nether of a demonic tree.

Hopeless forever, as you no longer speak to me.
You’ll never understand that you are the key.
to the locked door of happiness that is buried deep inside me.
I used to think I could climb mountains, break down impenetrable walls,
To do the unimaginable,
Without you there, I no longer have the strength to do so.
Oh how am I so delusional?

Struck with a voodoo, a poisonous woman’s who do.
I look towards the sky, in hopes for a cure
But like a fish attracted by a gorgeous lure
I took the bait and was hooked by you.
She locked my door, and threw away the key
The only woman I ever wanted, doesn’t want me.



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