Forever for You

A Sappy Love poem by Cam the Squid.

Just as the wild wind comes and takes me for a spin
Opened up the thrill of life, pours deep inside my skin
Cut me down, as I think about your touch
Ever wondering where it is that I lost your trust.
Love has a cruel way of introducing you to fate.
Yes, for me I need you by my side to truly feel alive.
Nevermore my heart beats with the will to survive.
I wish to have your touch, images of you running through my head.
Lusting for your kiss, can make a hungry man give away his bread.
Of all the things that I cherish and adore,
Vantage to cupid for it is his arrow that stuck your door.
Even an excellent marksman like him, has missed your core.
Yesterdays snow imprinted on my mind.
Over so quickly through the strands of time.
Underneath the weight of my heavy heart.


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