Meanderings of a Fool

Poem by Cam

Suspicious anxiety swells through the mind,
A great storm rolling in on dark raging clouds.
Swirling through the great Mountain tops,
One must be weary, when opening the heart.
A state of vulnerability, with all its insecurities.
Though courageous, and bold,
We walk towards a great unknown.
Wishing that we are not alone,
Hoping to have your hand to hold,
Is the only acceptable way to weather a storm.

The excitement of hearing her voice,
or the dark swarming shade of losing ones choice.
Makes a man feel,
perhaps that’s why we enlist to fight for a never ending battle uphill.
I risk it all, mud on the shoes, blood on my hands, for a hope of future days
With the woman that brings the suns rays
and locks them in my soul
Like a dream of forever happiness
as sharp as a knife that never dulls.

Do you take that risk, for a chance at loves kiss.
Between the rushing flood of emotions,
One like me, so scared to fall.
Has built up a fortress of many stone walls.
Impatiently waiting for you to call.
Walk with me, talk with me, sleep with me, fight with me,
Help me break down the wall.
For you are the one I choose to give my all.


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