The Rhyme of The Sands of Time

Poem by: Cam (the squid)

Joyful scrutiny awaits thy sleeping head,
Ol’ passerby of the sands of time.
Once where you began, you will return in the end.
A prophetic tale of the wise.

Among the roads, a foot one in front of the other.
Thy climb is longer when staggering,
But beauty always rests ahead of the wanderer.
If only thy will be sacrificed in an offering.

To the muse of wanderlust, who often is laughing.
With each step comes a great learning.
Though, all great things must be arduous,
It is worth it in the end, if thy dreams are accomplished.

One might struggle in this life, But better thy time
With the desires of the mind.
And oh the passerby maybe kind,
His heart is of the rhythm and rhyme.
Among the sands of time.


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