Snow Queen

Poem written by: Cam

Tonight, I can see your breath going out into the darkness.
The taste so sweet, the rhythm so soft,
Your eyes resting shut, your words ring out towards the light.
The silence is never enough.
Sleeping beauty. still in her black hoodie.

The bags under her dark eyes, a tired mother rises,
No make up on, where does she pull the strength to carry on?
“Hoods up, safety first” her only song.
Perhaps that’s the only way she gets along.

That haunting widows peak from my dreams,
like a freshly picked rose with jagged thorns.
Her soft skin and pointed bone fingers,
reminds me of the snow fall in the winter.
Piercing eyes cut deep, like the crisp blue morning skies.
She’s cold,  but that feathered raven hair draped long makes a man dare to be strong.

Beware! That winter princess,
Can only be seen at a distance.
Through the thick forest she’s untouchable,
Slick ice, snow fall, unimaginable.
I heard if you could see a glimpse of her up close,
forever, your eyes nothing else.
But with no regret, as there is nothing left.
All Hail, the snow queen.


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