My Never Mind

Written by Cam (Squid One)

Felonious, momentous, forgetfulness, blasted ravenous thought,
Never mind the mind’s rot.
Cut from the same sheet of blank white paper,
I wonder could you only remember.
That twisting nether, the repressing hierarchy,
Dipped in the mud of creation and controversy.
Your never mind, bold beautiful unrepentant spine.
That which can’t ever be mine, but I don’t ever mind.
Cats got my tongue, like the cigarette that poisons your lung.
I wonder if I put the rope around my neck could it ever be hung?
My never mind brings stone disciples to my ministry.
callous and cold, as I beg for a chance to not feel misery.
Could your crooked smirk, and glazed eyes, be the end of all these terrible lies?
Lies, Lies, oh never mind.
Its all just in the back of my mind.


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