Canyon Kids

Written by: Cam, “the squid!”
Ol’ Cumberbatch and wine,
the art, but only that of the fine,
Us children set against the canyon,
Desperately needs a place to unwind.
Loud music blaring, all the alcohol swirling,
We drink until we are nothing, disappearing.

Unnerved and unheard,
we are the Canyon Kids that got lost from the herd.
Unknown and insecure,
never without the desire to be something more,
Lost among the rolling hills, and blazing red rocks,
That continue to jet outward into the sky,
God, will we ever be alright.

Amongst the dead, alone, but with sight.
We scatter with overwhelming fright.
truth be told to harm and endanger,
the religiosity woes of a cult that murders.
Drink to unwind, smoke to relax, we’ll never be free from our past.
Love is nothing, while pride is left behind in the willows, and fly infested golden marsh ponds.

Canyon kids unite to find a bond,
for we will save the destructive forces that come through the wind,
like a bumblebee, hive-mind, insect swarm.
Please red rock and stone keep us warm.
To all Canyon kids,
Fight on, Fight on!


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