Raspberry Jam

There are others, whom crawl around in gutters,
There are times, where the sun showers down upon the weak.
One or another, Why? because life is where we surrender.
A black beast with thick wire hair lurks in between the sheets.
The elephant in the room.
Can one find the addiction? Can one over come the lies?
There are many of us who walk blindly,
But we’ll raise our fist to the heavens, until we discover it,
Freedom that fantastical irreplaceable adventure.

I continue to watch the opportunistic fail,
Those paths that have been covered by dirty weeds and cutthroat rock,
Only one way to continue, walk.
Stub your big toe, cut your hands, rip your jeans, embrace the rain.
Find the joy in the struggle for it is the only way to truth.
And continue inching towards the grand nothing.
put it all together, a concoction still stirring,
At the end its all just Raspberry Jam spread on a plate, waiting to be digested.
one flavor. one race.
Raspberry Jam


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