Vampyre, Vampyre,
The darkness of his bite.
What will become of those already dead?
Life would be different if he could stop seeing red.
The lust for blood, the rush for flesh,
one thing is alive, soon to be skinned
Can you feel it all going to thy head.

RageDarkness ConsumesAppearance Distorted

Sundown, Orange sky,
Sundown, red,
Sundown, dark with the moon above thy head.
Vampyre, Vampyre, awaken from your rest,
The devil inside begins to lust,
Yellow eyes raging, as the lungs brush off the dust.
Dark inside the tomb, where he rests,
Wondering what victim awaits in his sleeping slumber of snoozing ease
As the monsters underground tomb begins to creak,
The breath of life gives his heart a squeeze,
As the thunder is loudest at day break.
Like a lightning bolt from Zeus, It’s awake.

Vampyre, Vampyre, his blood lust will soon appease.
Close the windows, and lock the shutters,
In hope for protection, and of your friends and families safety,
The devil is loose and ever so hungry.
Dracula’s wings, shade the moon and take flight.
Up, Up, Up, into the sky, far from the naked eye,
the predator stalks its prey,
to turn the living and feast before the day,
the beast no longer inside,
It works all night for the hunt is timed,
the able bodies sleep in a state of sublime.

The windows shut, never stopped the crime.
The victim lays with dreams of sheep,
not aware of the wolf at the chimney sweep.
Coldness flows up their spine,
The blood sucker begins the dark climb.
Down the chimney like old saint nick,
The beast begins his descent.
While the hairs on her neck become erect,
the vampire feasts on the innocent neck.
Like a snake it coils up, its fangs clench,
the liquid life comes pouring out,
Gulping the blood as it becomes more alive.


Vampyre, Vampyre,
Spreading like a disease, the poison takes hold
the headaches come first, for the sheep in the fold.
the spinning is next, followed by the tremendous ach,
the transformation is almost complete!

Vampyre, Vampyre,
thirsting for a taste of awakenings.
The friends and family terrified of the pain,
Wondering when the sun will come out and dry the rain.
Skin cuts, as the sun begins to hurt.
Burning like a fire caught in a steady wind.
A slow steady breeze begins to blow,
at first the lungs expand and break.
the wings begin to grow,
the blood spills out like the depths of Satan’s splendor
The demon has been born inside her.

Vampyre, Vampyre,
No where to run, and no where to hide,
The devil becomes stronger one at a time.
The hatchling is left alone,
The family and friends no longer condone.
At night she spreads her wings to take flight,
Looking for her master, owner, in spite.
Only becoming what the holy say “rotten,”
In the cavernous depths her soul has been forgotten.

The devil’s work, the war for life has begun,
the dead bodies pile, while the awaken stumble.
Wondrous claims, and chauvinist’s reign.
The blind are naïve,
without the idea of fight, A tremendous plague of fright,
When will the Vampyre ever surrender,
as he becomes the master, the darkness becomes the hereafter.
Will our souls be remembered or be a wisp on god’s laughter?
Love can only cure the vampire.

Vampyre, Vampyre,
A new shadowed birth.
While the scourge of the underworld walk the earth,
unaware of the heaven that god has left them.
Large illustrious mountains that surround the basin
Rushing water flows through the streams, giving life to those who can see.
The dead can only hope to resurrect and mend.
Without the vampire’s bite, they will never see the skies above them.
Moss gathers around the old aspen tree,
one starts its desires to be a part of Eden,

The cosmos, we wander, like a lost puppy looking for its owner.
The amazing discoveries we have yet to discover.
Satan’s minions have ascended the illusion of time.
Will the vampires of the earth, become worthy of the astrological signs?
We will never know the beginning or end,
May we hold one another friends among friends.
Brother upon brother, and men among men.
Are destiny is the heavens, let us begin.

The Beginning The BiteThe End


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