We Were Born

We were born,
To be or not to be,
Ripened from the rays of the sun,
and boiled from the particles in the ocean,
We are not to be diagnosed and put into a shell,
To be the rotting survivors of a dept driven country,
To silence the jazz of hundreds of feet marching towards income,
We were not born to be the pill popping, cigarette burning, yellow teethed nations, decaying in the light.
To be a softer sensitive mobile everlasting,
Bursting from the rockets of progression, and overcoming the candid fat programmed in our bodies.
Let ideas whisper through the ears like a wailing drum, and a screeching banshee.
We were to arrive without time, and without being crammed in a sock drawer never to shine,
Let the electricity flow through the inner sarcophagus,
Awaken past the dirt and worms,
To be the all seeing entity of Cronus, while the spirals of the universe continue to spin.

We were born,
without hands for gloves, and feet for shoes,
punctured through the embodiment of the gods,
and left to the moonlight, and to the day.
gobs of pollution sprayed through a hose unto the dead,
While young flood the streets looking for something to believe in.
The pharaohs of our time must smile upon us, we are their own private joke.
Children play with rubber diseases copulating one to another,
The playground never imagined to be without the stretching tall blades of grass.
To be locked in a cage, without antithetical beliefs like a copy machine with never ending ink.
we are not to be the lackadaisical demons jumping for television remotes,
The reverence of ants in a line have more relevance then us in our time.

We were born,
not to shout at those who appear weak, or demise the poor,
As an elephant never forgets, grief becomes what we are at best.
Do not stand upon the branches of trees with the fingers reached towards the clouds,
Be the branched fingers that shoot like a gun towards the red violet horizon.
We are to be happy, and let us be one,
Do not only dream, but become what we dream.
the chaos and destruction will poison our land, but we can be a different sort of man.
the man that we were born to be,
let us come out from the womb with our arms raised to the sky,
Bloodied, and pure like the lone wolf’s howl to the midnight stars.
We are, so that we can be.
fighting for us to all be free.



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