2012 Overture (The Blueprint)

2012 Overture (Blueprint)

I had an idea back in 2012 while listening to the great Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. The idea has taken me down a wild road full of growing and bettering myself. The idea is displayed in my new painting shown here. It truly is a dedication piece to the song. I have worked on it for over a year, certain touch ups while staring at it and changes was the reason for how long it took to create. I also moved to Seattle Washington during the process, and then back again a few months later. I hope, as with all artists, that this will be received well. Especially after pouring my entire soul and heart into the painting. God bless.


6 thoughts on “2012 Overture (The Blueprint)

  1. Well first forgive me if u dont understand my English haha but I must say something. For many minutes I observed this painting… its complex but simple at same time… I loved those wings… The eyes of the first woman… they are tormentors ( I dont know if this is the correct expression… anyway) Its like she realized her reality and she is in shock… Her eyes speak… in fact they scream… The eye in the middle looks like its watching me… I felt like I´ve been observed…. well I think I have a new favorite painting. Great job! Congrats.

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