Frequency to Grow

There is a frequency that we don’t see, a special vibrating color floating through our bodies,
Its elaborate ploy is not harmful, but evolving the way we see, the way we think.
Let us open the door and let it in, let it sink.
One can only hope to feel the enormous weight of color rushing through the heart,
The emotion is only the start.

The beating of a drum, rushing blood, driving the wheel to the mind
Like a loud catchy song, or a bond never to be broken between loved ones.
Two friends hand in hand can change the world, but without the frequency all is lost.
The special guidance of our subconscious, I pray touches all of us.
All of us have a great power, although the guilty keep the tides at bay.
Plaguing us with sex, violence, and the ever existence of the difference of race.
If we focus on the animal in all of us, we will never set a pace.
Never grow, never progress.

Open up the subconscious, turn off the ignorance because a great lie is that we are in bliss.
Monkey see Monkey do, is not a future I want for me or you.
May we walk a different road then our fathers,
Let us stumble, and stub our toes,
For it is only through failure that we will grow.



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