Lung Cancer, Coffee, and Love

Laughter fills the great hall of my pulmonary.
Smoke rolls in like the great adversary.
Polluting and drugging the alveoli,
While the milk and coffee soothes the burn,
The thought of you is all I yearn.

Isn’t it enough that the young never die?
Or is it the crazy that live forever?
Either way young and crazy is a concoction that I’d like to try.
Wouldn’t it be marvelous to sign up for that kind of life.
Her words echoed through the prison bars of my mind.
It wouldn’t be life if you weren’t by my side…echoing, shaking, echoing through out time.

The children gather, as steam rises into the cold winter sky.
The trees grow, the birds sing, and the lilacs paint a surreal scene.
How nice it would be to stay young, How nice it would be to grow old.
The two differ, but are seen throughout time as a lie.
The universe is a blessing, and the beauty is unrelenting.
Life is our gift, and love is the prize.


2 thoughts on “Lung Cancer, Coffee, and Love

  1. This is an amazing poem. Winter and time seem to be a common theme between you and I. I’ve been writing much on my end as well. What could winter be but the bitterness that we feel for our experiences in life: plain and simple in mind and in reach of emotion?
    I wish never to critique art… only to stay young and remorseful: a child undying even on the brink of death. You are truly an artist Cameron… because you live your art, not just create a fancy piece of cloth to be scattered abroad to all nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples in vanity.

    The art you create shows me a better outline of what kind of person you are: if judged by your works, then you are not to be judged at all in my books. As the sign says beside the place I work… I look at the word I have written and it’s definition and I see you through new eyes. Thank you for your integrity, and for being a hell of an example.

  2. Winter to me is a symbol of life and death. Without winter we are never able to start over and grow again. I’ve always loved watching the snow fall from the sky, because it allows me to think that even in the ending of spring/summer/fall, that there is still beauty.

    As for being an example of integrity, I appreciate your words Mr. Copperbottom. It is nice to have some kind of recognition for the art that I create. As you know I am completely in love with Art and expression. The person you see at work is somewhat of a mask of who I truly am. Some people can’t handle the greatness of being different, of creating. All I can say is keep writing and believing. Its a beautiful thing to create. Its difficult, but well worth the time. I look forward to reading your blog.

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