A Thought of Fruition

Urge us to feel! To love, to notice the stars above.
Fight us, when we become stagnant, unevolved, and dead.
Let the sweet melodies of the wind serenade our souls,
Help us begin to understand that life was never meant to be dull.
Cut the bands from our wrist, and free our hearts.
Purge us from our consumption, hate, and greed to start.
Let the word go forth into the streets that we are alive, awakened, and progressing.
No more war, famine, and hunger.
We will no longer let our powers slumber.
The blood in my veins pours out onto this page,
as we are royalty and cannot be caged.
The world is harsh, unrelenting and cruel,
Let us work together to become a magnificent tool.
Fixing the evil, educating the ignorant, and cleansing the cesspool we find in each of us.
We are mankind and our strength lies within ourselves.
Urge us to lust for life,
To live without doubts, indecency, and malice.
Let fruition come to us and let us start to believe again.
The start begins with us.


4 thoughts on “A Thought of Fruition

    1. I wrote this piece because the zombie apocalypse has already happened and no one realizes it. I feel like we all need a new plan, before we drive this planet into self destruction mode.

      I’ll check out your poem. Glad to hear you have some new stuff. As always…thanks for reading.

      1. Yeah I watched World War Z. It was pretty good, not my favorite Zombie flick, but a good one. Did you like it? I don’t think anything will top 28 days later.

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