My Name is not Me

They called me a name when I was born,
A little human from somewhere unknown.
They called me a name while studying in school.
A person young enough to be corrupted by the cruel.
They said my name when I was in trouble or disobeying their laws.
Because I was different then they and not continuing their cause.
They called me names of hurt and destruction
All to bring me down to their level of consumption.
My name was given so that I may follow,
but I am not a person who is empty or hollow,
I will no longer kneel,
or be like a mutt and learn to heel.
Therefore I will stand and continue to be.
Wither you like it or not, my name is not me.


One thought on “My Name is not Me

  1. holy! wow!!!

    This poem kicked me right in the face! 🙂

    You sir are a brilliant cat. I love the way you rhymed all those words together.
    How I interpret this piece is authority and not taking shit from nobody right?

    Or, not letting anyone telling you what to do. Think for yourself, question authority right?

    I love this man…:)

    Say, if you get a chance check out my recent 2 poems I just posted. You will like them a lot, I promise you. 🙂

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