Good Evening and Good Night

Fumigate, illuminate, instigate, paint.
Let your disease into the children of men.
One must wonder why all the hub bub?
Let’s not stop the talking,
must we incite it.
There is no blood moon and no black hole sun.
why wont the end ever come?
the hopes of thousands await their turn,
One day Atlantis will return.
When the green becomes much
and the trees begin to stretch
Little springs and rivers flow into the trench.
How much is too much?
The safety of long walks and sitting on a park bench,
One must wonder who will feed all the pigeons?

Cut us down to a different size,
Let us ignore the temperature’s rise.
Take what is wanted not what is needed.
The security of a life completed.
Let’s not stop to ask the time?
Continue to walk on bye
You’re my enemy and therefore you must die
Seems a silly way to live the lie.

Cooperate, participate, and forget all the hate!
Now I have to go, really, its getting late
So long! Auf Wiedersehen!
And don’t forget to sing a joyful song
Until We Meet Again, perhaps.


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