Walk the Line

I was talking to a man who walked the line,
A man that was trapped by marriage, and debt.
Caged by his weight, and enslaved by processed foods.
The man woke up early in the morning, to feed the mouths of his responsibility.
He hooked himself up to a computer screen, attached the mouse and keyboard to his thumb and ring.
His life drained from his fingers into the vibrant screen.
He was yelled at for being late, he was yelled at for not making his boss’s coffee taste great,  he was yelled at for everything,
But never thanked.
All in a days work he said.

When he arrived home, his family was there to greet him among a stack of bills to pay.
His wife had already started drinking earlier in the day,
His two children, a girl and boy, the boy had a disease and the girl had a broken toy.
They ran to their father’s open arms to tell him of their problems,
But daddy was to tired from his work, drained and full of exhaustion.
They cried to him, while he sat in front of his television for an escape.
He said such is life and such is fate.

He told me that walking the line was an experience that we all must take.
We all must go through life enduring each and every experience life has to offer.
We had a few beers and I brought up my courage,

I told him, without a doubt you will experience, because experience is what life is about.
If life is about experience, then why not jump right in?
Gather it up like you would a pile of leaves, and throw your experience up in the wind.
Let the cold brisk air numb your face, and let the spring rain on your tongue just for the taste.
Open up your arms and praise the sun, as it warms your soul.
Listen to the birds sing, or watch the matador kill the bull.
Smell the lilac bush, the rose, the lilies and daffodils,
Bend down to touch the cold mountain lakes while paddling in a canoe.
Such is life, what will you do?

He only had one thing to say to me, “at least I have my ford truck with tinted windows and heated leather seats.”
I grabbed for the vodka to pour us some stronger drinks.


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