Will You Come to the Forest

Trees 1The forest is green, the trees are filled with moss,
The sky is no where to be seen.
The shade of the trees protects me, though I reflect on loss
I cant be mad, I just want to express my weak side,
Evil lurkes within the high tide,
Though the water pours off the rocks becoming clean
I feel the same, when I reflect on all I’ve seen.
Can’t I rest within the deep leaves, hibernate until all I see I can believe

MossMy calling wont let me sleep,
Until all I’ve created is working towards the inner peace
Why dont you come over for some strong drink or tea
Lets live life filled with grandeur,
The magnificents of it all will wrap around our eyes
blinding us from those that cant see
Letting us continue our dancing
Nature is where the living go to get away from the trolls.
The high archy and building of stone can feel alone
I wont have it, I wont give up my soul
Bring us towards the mountains and the snow
The rain, and sun shine
Let us live in the sublime.

Waterfall in RentonLight of my life, let my star shine
Let me be your only dream
The trees in the forest are green
No need for us to be mean
Let the cancer inside of me end
While my eternal soul breathes on
And when your ready to find me look towards the green


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