The Loneliness of being Awake

There comes a certain loss when one is awake.
The laymen walk and talk as if its a large game to be played.
They have friends and can communicate with one another.
Its as if happiness was never at stake.
While the concious being is left to his own devices
The neophyte goes on not pondering or wondering.
However if its one thing they have on us, its the ability of laughing or maybe its the enjoyment of not knowning.
Right on the bottle there is a large red warning,
For taking the pill, and going down the rabbit hole, is opening a door that can never be shut.
Once the pain has subsided, you have changed never to be how you once were.
A loneliness that is sure to come to those of us who are brave enough to encounter the universe.
Is there envy for those that are still catechumen?
Though I feel being alone was never for the race of men,
I stand awake with no one to stand with.

(It has been a long time since my last post. I’ve been working on a sci-fi novel. yes thats right a science fiction novel. haha! I am a few chapters in to it, and am tempted to post the few chapters I do have. Would anyone be interested in reading them? helping me edit them? etc. Anyway hope you enjoy the poem and I hope even more that you are having a beautiful day.)


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