My Decathect

My thoughts were algid, and full of languishing memories,
like the first winter snow in a vast inner city.
Your face reflected upon my soul as if it were branded there by the hottest of metals.
like a great forge, one by one I hammer away on the imprint you have left on me.
My malleable mind, like a child.
Should I regret the opportunity to have loved a lost soul?
I don’t want to whinge, for I feel it was beneficial to my progression.
Though falling from you was never my intention.
I feel like a lagan, just waiting to be recovered.
The sea is biting and bitter.
I won’t imagine you will stay, because your eyes already admitted your disappearance.
Vanishing from my dreams this is my decathect.
Good bye to your beauty and your touch.
One such as I, could never have asked for this much.
A place to call home, now a dark black tomb.
I am now exiled. Let the rain cleanse my wounds.


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